The end…

  The term is finishing. We were tired a lot, but we have learnt  a lot of things. As I said at the beginning this lesson has been very effective for me. I started to write posts , now I have a website 🙂 I have learnt many programs I haven’t ever heard. Of course, we were busy at this term , but I have accomplished this term.

    Technology develops day by day. So, we should develop our teaching methods. Traditional methods don’t attract students’ attention . In this point, CALL is an extremely useful for the effective learning. Today , students are curious about the computer. They use it to do homework , play games, searching a topic ..etc. I think , a teacher provide an effective and enjoying lesson for even the most boring lessons thanks to CALL. I liked CALL very much. I think , I will use technology in my lesson because I want to be different.

    In fact , I am very sad to finish the school. I have lived my best days here. I will my school, friends and teachers.. Thanks a lot to Mr. Sedat Sakayoğlu. You always helped us whenever we needed you. I hope, the future brings us happiness. Good luck…



Weebly & Second life

  •     The last topic is weebly & Second life.

    Weebly is perfect for creating classroom websites, student e-portfolios, and
websites for assigned projects. Our drag & drop website editor is stunningly
simple to use, and appropriate for use with students of all ages. We can add pictures, videos, audio players, documents, maps, and photo galleries easily by dragging and dropping.

Weebly has many advantages which are also applicable to classroom use.

  • Weebly is one of the best sites for designing a website due to its simple and accessible design making it a pleasurable experience to surf.
  •  Registration in weebly is simple and quick which lets you to straight into the website and name it.
  • It allows teachers to manage their students accounts and to accept their homework assignments online. It also allows parents to be up to date with their children’s performance and progress.

    Second life is an interesting tool. Its features ;

  •  Free
  • Highly adaptable,
  • Social Interaction through dialogue and collaboration
  • Simulation and experiential learning/Role playing

    The teacher wanted us to make a website over the weebly. I think, second life is useful, too , but its organization is hard. I am happy to make my website. Good luck for everyone 🙂


AudioBoo & Podcasts

    This week , the teacher mention audiobooks. It sounds interesting . Isn’t it ?

    Audiobooks are far more convenient than normal books in that you can buy and download them in a few minutes, and then in a couple more you can have them on your MP3 player or sound system and ready to listen to. There is something really wonderful about this ease.

    The main advantage of listening to an audio book is that you do not have to focus your entire concentration on it. Instead of physically holding the book and turning the pages, you can carry out other activities while listening to an audio book at the same time.

    The other important point was podcascts. A podcast is a type of digital media.


  • available anytime/anywhere for students
  • easy to create, distribute, and download — no professional equipment is required
  • new podcasts are auto-downloaded
  • power of audio over text — students can listen and learn while walking, riding, waiting in line, etc.

         Finally, the teacher wanted us to create an account from the aidioubu and upload a podcast. This week taught new things. Good, very good 🙂

Storyjumper & Digital storytelling

    I liked very much the programs of the this week ; storyjumper and digital storytelling 🙂 they are very enjoyable, I think. Sharing digital storytelling with children helps them understand at a younger age that everyone has a story to tell.  By using multimedia, these stories can be developed and shared more broadly, helping children learn that the school is part of a broader community.  They learn to connect their own stories from life to school.

    I made a digital storytelling last year so, it familiar to me. But, storyjumper is new for me. The teacher taught how we created an account. Then , he wanted us to write a child story book as online 🙂 I admired this tool. I think the students will   a lot. Its advantages are :


Twitter & Facebook

   This week , we spoke on twitter and facebook.  Both of them are online social networking service

   Anyway, I use facebook for a long time, but I didn’t use a twitter account until today 🙂 Mr.Akayoğlu asked us ‘ why do you find nonsence using twitter?’ I answered  so ‘ because everyone writes whatever comes to their mind ‘. The teacher said ‘ In fact, this is good ‘. Then , he wanted us to create a twitter account.

    The other was facebook. It is well-known all over the world. Most of time, we are able to find our old friends, relatives, teachers..etc. We can chat. Also, we can share informations, pictures..etc. I think , it has a disadvantage. It is an addictive tool 🙂 Sometimes, I start to study or do a profect , but when I login to the facebook, I can’t finishh anything 🙂 So , we should use it carefully.


       I have learnt a new tool more this week Wiziq. It is a very useful tool.

       Wiziq is an online learning and teaching platform. As a member of WiZ iQ, you can either be a teacher or a student. As a student, you can search for free study material (online classes, tests, and tutorials) related to the subject or exam you’re studying for. As a teacher on Wiz iQ, you can create your own teaching profile and join the e-teaching community discussion. WıZıQ puts learners and teachers together regardless of the boundaries and enables live, online teaching for absolutely no cost to the teacher or the student.

       WiZ iQ offers so many great tools:

  • Teach your own online class
  • Have your own virtual classroom
  • Create your own tests.
  • Schedule your own class
  • Choose what you would like to learn about
  • Have your own contact list
  • Invite contacts to take your online class.


Nicenet and Campus.dokeos

            We have learnt two different online classroom programs in this week. These are ; campus.dokeos. I will mention them : 

    is a free discussion forum which can be used by all educators. A               discussion forum is a public classroom forum for creating, discussing and reflecting on ideas.

              The advantages of using is that shy students, who are  reluctant to speak up in class, feel very comfortable writing their  opinions and replying to other students. Also, students can learn  from each others’ writing, especially if you are using  for the posting of writing assignments. Students can learn to help   each other by clicking on “reply” and asking questions if what they  read is confusing or missing something. Students can reply by pointing out specifically what they like about a piece of writing. Many students   enjoy using, in my experience, and so it is motivating  for them do their best work.

    One disadvantages of nicenet is only the class members can view each others’ work and no outsiders can. So you can’t see students’ writing.

         Another disadvantage is that graphics and design elements cannot   be easily used Only writing can be displayed, no graphics or design elements. However, as a motivational tool to  encourage writing, is definitely a useful site.

     The other is campus.dokeos. It is used both teachers and students. ıt

-provides an easy way to create and control an online course for any teacher,

-allows teachers to adapt the tools in line with learners’ needs, which gives a sense of control and security.

     I think both of them are important tool for a class. A teacher provide effective and enjoying lesson with these tools .




Sweet Prezi :)

    This week ,firstly, the teacher mentioned internet and media. Sometimes , media deceives us and we may believe all informations we see, but we shouldn’t share every information without any research. Media may direct people whatever it wants. So , we should share the right information.

    Then , we have learnt Prezi. I haven’t heard it so far. Anyway , I am bored at ppt. Prezi is both enjoying and interesting program. If the call weren’t , I think , I wouldn’t heard this program like others. It has a different conception such as zooming and backround. If we share our work on the prezi with our friends, they can edit  on it, it is wonderful.

     The only disadvantage is we have to use it on the internet ,but we can download paying some price. Also, this week we have signed up the prezi. By the way , our final project is related to the prezi. We will prepare a lesson plan with prezi. Good luck for all of us 🙂

    See you next week 🙂


New informations :)

    This week I listened to the lesson carefully 🙂 . The  teacher mentioned mobile learning (m-learning).  He showed us many programs in it ; g-mail, press-reader, feedly, skype, flipboard, edmodo, socrative teacher, dropbox, youtube, twitter, dictonaries ( merriam webster, tureng, Oxford advanced learners, aldiko book reader, QR droid.

    The teacher asked us how many programs we know and use. I know just 9 programs , but I don’t use all of them.  The programs which I have learnt the first are pres-reader, feedly, flipboard, edmodo, socrative teacher, dropbox and QR droid.

    I think, the most interesting programs are socrative teachers, dropbox and especially QR droid. I would always wonder  how the people answer the questions all together at the same time with  electronic devices in the quiz shows or many contests. Thanks to socrative teacher, this is possible as I have learnt.

    I liked dropbox ,also. Sometimes we need some documents, pictures and our surveys , and if they are saved in our computer, we couldn’t reach immediately. But , thanks to the dropbox, we could reach all things easily what we want in that time wherever we are.

    I think, the most interesting program is QR droids for me. At first, I couldn’t why it is used and how it is used. We need some codes to form it. QR droid allows us to digitally share just about anything. This is important tools for us.

    As you see, we have learnt many things this week again 🙂

    Hope to see you with new informations 🙂

the fourth reflection…

the fourth reflection..

This week I couldn’t catch the lesson properly 😦 . I have noted down  just : Why online PD İS preferred?

  • The flexibility of learning time
  • Mostly colloborated
  • Learning is interactive
  • The cost of learning material

Also the teacher showed us our elt groups on yahoo groups. We saw our teachers’ pictures on abroad and comments. And I have also noted ‘Online Communities of Practice (COP) ‘. I think , elt groups  on yahoo groups are given an example. Frankly , I am confused :S  what I have learnt because I couldn’t catch the ppt presentation .  I think , I must listen to carefully the next time .